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Induction Coils
for Melting and Heating

Fully grouted induction vacuum coil

Induction Coils

ITC manufactures a full range of coil sizes and types for induction melting and heating applications. All new coils are custom designed and engineered for the customer's specific production needs and application. High conductivity copper tubing with proper wall thickness is selected to maximize electrical efficiency.

Melting coils are designed with the mechanical strength to withstand the severe conditions of a foundry environment. High dielectrical and high temperature insulating materials are used for all coils with special attention to the operating environment such as vacuum or air melt applications plus what power, voltage and frequency is being applied.

500 lb. air melt induction coil with grout

Extra Large Induction Heating Coil

We have an excellent engineering team that can custom design your coil configuration to satisfy any unique heating or melting application.

  Induction graphite tri-zone heating coil

ITC heating coils can be designed specifically for high temperature grahite heating. These coils can be engineered and specially wound so that a tri-zone heating process occurs. The top and bottom sections will heat at a lower temperature than will the middle section.

Special custom design induction Heating Coils

We design each coil to maximize the efficiency of the your melting or heating process.

We repair and rebuild customer existing coils. Click here for more information regarding our rebuilt equipment process.

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